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Car Body Repairs at Smile Servicing and Repairs, Portsmouth

Bumper scuff, alloy wheel refurbishment & panel scratch car body repairs

21st century car body repairs for your paintwork, alloy wheels and bumpers – bringing your paintwork back to beautiful life. From your completely independent local car repair centre.

Even the slightest of damage to your bumper or paintwork can make for a big visual impact on your vehicle. Whilst in years gone by you faced whole panel re-sprays, as well as bumper and alloy wheel replacement, today there are smart repairs: fast, efficient and incredibly effective. Smart repairs (which stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique) invoke advanced paint techniques and innovative methods which mean that we can usually complete such jobs more quickly, and to better standards, than traditional body shop methods.

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This solution is ideal for those who want to regain their vehicle’s previous polished condition – and can be particularly beneficial for those who are soon to be selling their car, in addition to those nearing the end of their lease, who wish to avoid an expensive surcharge.

Smart car repairs for alloy wheels is a cost effective way of doing away with the signs of kerbing and scuffing – and with these repairs starting from just £35, they make for the clear alternative to replacement wheels that could easily amount into the middling hundreds.

A further benefit of smart repairs is that they’re a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toxic paints.

Damage to bumpers or panels will affect both the appearance and the value of the vehicle. It is no longer necessary to repaint whole bumpers or panels when a minor damage can be repaired at your convenience. Minor paint damage, such as bumper scuffs, will be completed using our paint processes with the technicians following innovative and unique techniques. This helps to complete jobs far more quickly than traditional bodyshop methods.

On average, repairs take three hours to complete, but this now can be reduced to as little as an hour with some jobs. Colours are matched and mixed on site and the repairs will be carried out using the highest professional standards. Our SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair facility is able to refurbish vehicles with minor paint, body, wheel and trim damage. This can help to restore the vehicle back to its original condition. This also helps with the re-sale value and avoids damage recharge costs at the end of a lease contract. Most vehicles today need some sort of cosmetic paint repair. This is usually caused by a moment’s inattention when reversing, turning in a tight spot or by someone else not watching where they are going.

At a body shop, you would normally expect to repaint an entire bumper or panel, this can be an expensive problem. We only paint the damaged area and we carefully blend the new paint into the existing factory finish. This uses less paint so releases a lot less harmful chemicals into the environment, takes less time and is therefore much cheaper. Depending on the amount of damage, most repairs take 2 to 4 hours. This means that you can leave the car with us while you work, shop or enjoy yourself at the gym, have a meal etc. We will call you when the work is complete so that you can come and approve the repair. Give your vehicle the repair it deserves, from scratches to scuffs, dents and chips, it’s all in a day’s work for Smile Servicing Smart Repairs at a fraction of body shops costs!

If you have invested in a set of alloy wheels, the chances are that you will want to keep them in pristine condition. This is to help maintain the look and residual value of your motor. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and scuffed and kerbed alloy wheels are an all too common occurrence. Damaged alloy wheels caused by kerbing and scuffs spoil the appearance and the value of your car. The Smart Wheel Repair can transform a cosmetically damaged alloy wheel back to showroom condition. So why replace, when you can repair the damaged alloy wheels? Our prices for alloy wheel repairs start as low as £35 per wheel!

How long will your smart car repair take?

Generally smart car repairs can be completed in between two and four hours (which compares to a far longer average as typically demanded when employing traditional means).

Our team of smart repair experts undertake colour mixing on-site in our SMART repair facility. Whilst you wait you’re welcome to make use of our customer facilities, or set off to work or pleasure. We’ll be in touch as soon as your vehicle’s ready – at which time you can come and inspect the impressive results achieved with our Smart Repair service.

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