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Don’t get caught out this winter! Book in for a free winter car check and we’ll help you avoid some of the most common winter car problems. We’ll cover all of the essential winter checks such as your car’s lights, oil level, wiper blades and battery health.

The evenings are much longer in the winter as the sun goes down earlier. This means that your commute is most likely to be in the dark, where in the summer months you may have rarely driven in the dark. For this reason, many drivers are none the wiser to a light bulb which is no longer working. It is illegal to drive your car in the dark with only 1 light as poor visibility is a common cause of road accidents.

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Rainfall tends to be more frequent during the winter months, so we will check that your wiper blades are in a good state so that you can see clearly when driving.

Cold mornings increase the risk of battery failure. Car battery failures actually account for roughly 20% of all breakdowns. So, we will check that your battery is in working order to reduce your chances of an unwanted breakdown this winter.

Enter your car reg using our booking tool and you can then choose whether you would like to book anything else with your FREE winter car check (all of our other pricing will be shown once you have entered your VRM). Make sure you tick FREE winter car check, choose a suitable day and then select book. It is as simple as that. We look forward to helping you prepare your car for winter!

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