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Car Brake Fluid Change at Smile Servicing & Repairs

Brake fluid is possibly the most neglected component of the braking system. Most drivers check their tyre pressures and change their engine oil at frequent intervals. But, when it comes to brake fluid, all too often we see it ignored.

There can be significant problems in how the brake fluid works. Overheated brake fluid can and will boil in the calliper. Boiling produces compressible gas bubbles within the fluid, which leads to a soft brake pedal. In extreme cases, overheated brake fluid may lead to the driver needing to pump the brake pedal several times to get the car to a complete stop.

As you can see, neglecting a brake fluid change can be very dangerous for you and other road users. We recommend booking a brake fluid replacement every 2/3 years so, if you don’t remember the last time you booked one, choose Smile Servicing & Repairs in Portsmouth today.

How Does Brake Fluid Help Stop My Car?

The brakes work on fluid pressure. When the pedal is depressed in a disc brake system, it activates a plunger in the master cylinder. This pressurises the brake fluid in the pipes and hoses causing the brake components to move. This results in the slowing or stopping of the car. That’s why a brake system that has leaks or air bubbles will not operate correctly, or not at all. It is very important that the brake system is regularly inspected, and the brake fluid changed.

Drum brakes operate in the same theory as disc brakes, but with a different design. They both use friction to slow and stop the car, but drum brakes use shoes, instead of pads. The shoes are inside of the steel brake drum itself, which spins with the wheel. When brake pressure is applied, a component called the wheel cylinder expands, forcing the brake shoes apart and toward the inside edge of the drum.

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Split Braking Systems Explained

All cars have a split braking system so that the pressure to the brakes is applied to the wheels on separate lines. This is done for several reasons, safety among them.

There are two basic types of split braking systems. One is a front and rear split system. The second is called a diagonal split braking system. Front brakes on vehicles typically sustain about 70% of the braking load, which makes sense since vehicles are generally traveling forward. The other 30% goes to the rear brakes.

Whichever braking system is installed on your vehicle, you can find some comfort with anti-lock braking systems (ABS). These were developed to help unsafe stopping condition. It helps the driver keep the vehicle under control while it is brought to a stop, minimizing skidding and the loss of control that could easily lead to accidents.

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