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What is the importance of antifreeze/coolant?

The coolant is perhaps the most vital part of your car’s cooling system. Coolant Inhibitor is anti-freeze with additives to assist cooling and give added protection to the internal waterways of the engine. It should be replaced regularly to prevent your engine from freezing in winter and overheating in summer.

Book in for a coolant/antifreeze change and our technicians will drain your old coolant and refill it with the perfect mixture of antifreeze to help prlong the life of your car and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Antifreeze, also called coolant, is the green or red fluid found in your radiator. Antifreeze serves a few purposes. The most important are keeping the water in your radiator and engine from freezing in cold temps. It also keeps that same water from boiling over in the summer. Radiators are normally filled with a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water. The third function of antifreeze or coolant is lubrication. It lubricates the moving parts it comes in contact with, like the water pump. Book in for a coolant change today.

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What does antifreeze do?

The key chemical component in today’s coolants is ethylene glycol. When mixed correctly, this chemical keeps your radiator fluid from freezing. Even if the temperature is less than 20 degrees below zero. It can also keep the same fluid from boiling at as much as 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering water alone will reach its boiling point at 212 degrees, that’s a pretty noteworthy accomplishment.

Over time, your coolant can become dirty as it picks up gunk that has settled in your cooling system. This buildup can cause clogged waterways in your cooling system. The keep the modern engine cool, there are lots of narrow passages that the coolant flows through. These smaller coolant passages keep the heat in the engine balanced as well. When you start your engine in the morning, especially on a cold day, it’s important to the engine management system that the engine gets warm as quickly as possible.

Today’s emission control systems rely on the engine being at its operating temperature for all of the pollution stopping devices to function at their best. So your cooling system helps to get to a proper operating temp as quickly as it can so that it will stop polluting the air as soon as possible after startup. In a modern vehicle’s engine, there are numerous routes that your coolant takes. Some are large radiator hoses, others are small passages that service things like your heating system or sensors for engine management. There’s also the radiator itself, the water pump, and the heater core your car’s way of getting nice hot air into the car during the winter. All of these are important.

A flush guarantees that all of the old anti-freeze is removed from the system. Draining the radiator on the other hand only removes about 50% of the total anti-freeze in the system and leaves the majority of contaminants that have built up. It also means that the new anti-freeze will be mixing with the old.Flushing out our radiator can extend the life of your cooling system as well make it operate more efficiently. It is a fairly inexpensive procedure and is something that everyone should consider having done.

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