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We carry a large range of tyres from leading tyre manufacturers at very competitive prices and can fit, balance and repair punctures while you wait. Whether you are a boy racer who wants to maximise performance and handling or just a regular driver concerned with safety and economy. Tyres are a key element of your vehicle as they are the only points of contact with the road.

Unlike most components, which we hope will not wear out, tyres bear the brunt of all your cornering, acceleration and breaking. Tyres wear out and you will almost certainly have to replace the tyres on your car at some point during its life, probably more than once. A huge array of tyres is now available, giving varying levels of economy, handling and durability at a range of prices.

At Smile Servicing we stock a wide range of tyres available for most vehicles. We can advise on the best choice for your needs. We also offer some of the best tyre prices in Portsmouth.

UK law stipulates that all vehicles must be fitted with tyres of the correct size and type for the vehicle, inflated to the correct pressure. As the person running the car, it is your responsibility to ensure they meet the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm across the centre three-quarters of the tyre, all the way around. If a tyre doesn’t meet the requirements, your car will instantly fail its MOT.

What’s more, driving with damaged or excessively worn tyres not only risks invalidating your insurance policy earning you a large fine and penalty points on your driving licence, but it puts lives in danger too. New tyres are the best deterrent against hydroplaning. A tread pattern that channels water out from between the tyre and the road is the most effective means of stopping hydroplaning. According to test results, hydroplaning starts at 47 mph when cornering on worn out tyres groove depth below 1.6 mm, whereas the same speed for new tyres is 60 mph. Proper tread and tyre pressure are vital to the functionality of tyres. When tyres wear out, the tyre’s wet grip and aquaplaning properties are at their highest risk and the risk of accidents.

Tyres lacking sufficient pressure make controlling the car under extreme situations more difficult. This also allows for the steering to pull more to the side. Insufficient tyre pressure may even cause a blowout. As of 1 November 2012, all passenger tyres sold in the European Union must be labelled with an official EU tyre label. This label contains information about three important criteria that form the basis for evaluating tyre performance: wet grip, fuel efficiency and exterior noise.

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