Why do I need a brake fluid change and how does it work?

It’s no secret that your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car, especially when it comes to keeping you safe on the roads. But you need to look after your brakes so they can keep you safe. A major part of that is a brake fluid change – but what is... Read More

How to recognise when you need a coolant change

When it comes to keeping your car running, coolant is one of the most important components. It prevents your radiator from overheating and, when combined with antifreeze, from freezing in the winter. But it can’t keep doing its job without routine maintenance in the form of a coolant change every once in a while. So... Read More

Three benefits of a car body repair

A small dent or scuff from scraping a kerb or a pillar in a car park can be tempting to ignore. It might look a little unsightly but, on the whole, it’s nothing to worry about, right? Well, not quite because there are a few more benefits to getting that car body repair other than... Read More

What’s included in a winter car check?

It’s important to prepare your car correctly for every season, but winter is arguably the most important because of its extremes. The quickest and easiest way to do this involves a winter car check. This might sound a bit vague to you, so we’re going to delve deeper into our process to help you understand... Read More

The Problems with, and Causes of, Incorrect Wheel Alignment

Your wheel alignment is something that can quite easily get overlooked. Many of us don’t assume there to be anything wrong when there could be a serious problem developing with our car’s wheels or tyres. So, how does it happen and why is incorrect wheel alignment such a problem for drivers? The Problems with Incorrect... Read More

The Dangers of Keyless Car

The automotive industry has developed at a rapid pace over the last few years and the latest innovation is keyless entry for your car. While there are undeniable benefits to this new system, there are also significant dangers involved with using the system. What is a keyless car? Unlike the normal central locking of a... Read More

Getting your car ready for Autumn

It’s that time again. When the nights draw in, the temperature drops and there’s nothing better than snuggling up in front of the fire. But it’s important to keep your car in top condition for the cold months ahead as well. Here are five quick and simple checks you can do at home to get... Read More

Quick Tips to Prepare your Car this Winter

Autumn is finally here and with the changing season comes changing responsibilities for your car. As the temperature drops and the weather conditions become colder and more dangerous it’s important you take some precautions. We’ve put together this guide with three things that you’ll need to check regularly throughout the most wonderful time of the... Read More

3 ways to keep your dog happy when travelling in a car

Ensure the safety of your pet Taking our dogs out and about can be great fun and company but travelling with them in a car can be somewhat challenging. Going on road trips and holidays with our dogs in tow is a lot of extra work but if you plan ahead it can be a... Read More

3 reasons why motorway lessons are beneficial for new drivers

On June 4, 2018, learner drivers were officially allowed to have lessons on the motorway. The only conditions were that they had to be in a dual controlled vehicle with an approved instructor. Drivers won’t be tested on motorways as part of their practical test, so, is it really necessary? Yes! We think it’s a... Read More

A list of Father’s Day gifts for motor lovers

Ahhh dads. They’re great, easygoing and generally the most quiet members of the family. When there’s an argument they don’t take sides and when you’ve achieved something they’re the first ones to say they’re proud of you. So, Father’s Day is important as it provides us all with an opportunity to show our dads how... Read More

Why do I need an air conditioning recharge?

Most modern vehicles come with air conditioning as standard. This helps a lot of drivers feel comfortable and safe on a hot day whilst helping demist your windscreen faster too. Like most other components in your car, your air conditioning will need maintenance. Over time, especially if your car air conditioning isn’t used regularly, you... Read More

3 ways you can improve your vehicle before its MOT test

Every year in the UK it’s thought that four out of every ten vehicles fail their MOT test. The government has said that this could be easily avoided… but how? We’re looking at a few things you can do to ensure you don’t get caught out. 1. Check your tyres regularly! Tyres are by far... Read More

5 iconic vehicles from your favourite films and TV shows

Everyone has a favourite TV show and a favourite film – they’re based on our interests, sense of humour and what type of entertainment we like to watch. It’s probably not a surprise when we say that some of our favourite TV shows and films are related to cars. We have some favourites that use... Read More

How to avoid a breakdown over Christmas

Christmas is one of the best times of year, it brings families together, we get loads of presents and it’s the perfect excuse to wear glitter for the entire month of December. Many of us will be travelling to see loved ones and go to parties over the festive period – a popular option is... Read More

3 ways Brexit could change the motor industry

We think it’s safe to say that no one understood the full consequences of Brexit prior to the vote or after Article 50 was triggered. However, what we do know is that we’re in a race against time to secure a good deal for the automotive industry in the UK. Our industry generates £72 billion... Read More

3 female motor bloggers you need to know about

Are female motor bloggers taking over the internet? The motor industry still comes across as a male-dominated industry. However, each year women influence the decision of billions of pounds of car sales. One area in particular where women are thriving in our industry is in blogging. There are a large number of female-focused brands and... Read More

A guide to your MOT test

Booking your MOT early Nothing good can come from procrastinating over your MOT test except—nothing good! If you’ve waited until the ninth hour, you might be fined a substantial amount of money for being late. If your car doesn’t pass the MOT, and you haven’t allotted enough time for repairs, you could be staring at... Read More

Choosing your car tyres

4 steps to choosing the best car tyres for your vehicle When you think about car safety you’d assume that your seatbelt and your airbags are the most important pieces that keep you safe. However, tyres are also significantly important as they are the only part of your car that has contact with the ground.... Read More

Summer is here! Caring for your car during summer months

Tips and tricks for preparing your car for the summer holidays Summer has arrived! And that means it’s nearly time for the summer holidays. Whether you’re going on a road trip to the beach, to see family or to a festival, your car will be a hot spot (literally) this summer. Before you head off... Read More

New Speeding Fines and What it means for you

New Speeding Fines – Smile Servicing 4 things you need to know about the new speeding fines in England and Wales Last month the law for how speeding crimes are punished changed in England and Wales. Speeding penalties are now a lot stricter and you might even have to pay up to 150% of your... Read More

5 Ways to Avoid being a Drowsy Driver

5 things you can do to avoid driving when tired Stay safe on the roads with Smile Servicing Between managing a career, family and social life it can seem somewhat impossible to get a decent night’s sleep. It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day especially if we add driving into the equation.... Read More

Your Annual MOT Test

MOTs explained and why every vehicle needs one Smile Servicing’s guide to your annual MOT test You might not get your vehicle serviced regularly as it isn’t a legal requirement, although it is highly recommended in order to make sure your vehicle is working properly. New cars get MOT tested by law for the first... Read More

Checking your Car Service History

What is a car service history and why do you need one? The Smile Servicing guide to getting your car’s service history Smile Servicing recommend getting a full car service once a year, or every 10,000 miles but every car is different and that’s why it’s important to know about your car’s service history. Every... Read More

How to check your car battery

Understanding how your car battery works The Smile Servicing guide to car battery maintenance You’ve probably clicked on this blog wondering if you’re going to need a new car battery? Well, let us explain. A car battery operates a number of important functions in your car and keeps it moving. If your car battery didn’t... Read More

Motorist Winter Checklist

Smile Servicing & Repairs, Portsmouth: Our Must-Read Winter Drivers’ Guide Now that winter is on the horizon, it’s critical that you prepare your car for the colder months. As many as 20% of drivers fail to make any checks, at all, in other months, and even in winter only half of these drivers undertake basic... Read More

Winter Air Conditioning

Smile Servicing & Repairs, Portsmouth – Some Expert Advice on Your Car Air Conditioning This Winter Most people only use their car air conditioning system during summer – however, these vehicle owners could well be damaging the vital components of their air con system without even realising. Here we explain why, as well as describing... Read More